Dr. Ludie Le'Mont Hoffman

Born September 14, 1970 to Thelma and Ludie Hoffman Jr, Dr. Hoffman remembers his childhood as a primarily happy time. Le'Mont, as he is often called by friends and loved ones, often speaks of his memories with his father.  Although his parents divorced when he was only five, Dr. Hoffman recalls the constant laughter and humor that his mom and dad shared. " I really enjoyed our Christmases, sharing gifts and fun- oh yeah, and the fruit boxes with candy and good stuff. The smell, the atmosphere, and the surprises!  I can feel it now!", Dr Hoffman exclaims.  The greatest times in his mind of his early childhood seem to be a great deal about his father. " I love my dad", he says, "I know he made mistakes and sometimes was flat out wrong- but he is my hero, forever."  Being a Veteran of war, Ludie Hoffman Jr. was a strict disciplinarian.  " I had a serious problem, I wet the bed almost every night until I was about 13 or 14 years old, but when dad was there, he wasn't having it.  When I wet the bed, he would make me stand in the hall with a broom in hand, like a soldier, with one leg in the air until I would collapse on the floor. Mom would sneak me back to bed. I remember my dad's temper", says Dr Hoffman, " he suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome until his dying day, but it was because of a nervous breakdown that he had  while serving his country. I know his methods were extreme, but I love him yet the same.  I just know how not to discipline my children.  I believe that you should talk to a child and try to get them to understand, not only the problem but, acceptable solutions. Sometimes tough things cause us to say, "I won't do this to anybody", but it never changed my respect for my dad.  Although Dr. Hoffman never recalls seeing his parents physically fight, he remembers one incident when he was at his maternal grandmother's house and the whole family, Dr. Hoffman included, stormed out of the house, ran through a field, and rushed to his home where there was glass on the floor and trouble in the air.  Soon after that incident, his parents divorced.  "It is like I died on the inside. I can't explain it, although I understand, that no one should remain in a life threatening environment, I missed him the same, it hurt like hell."  Dr. Hoffman recalls.


After these events, Dr. Hoffman developed an emptiness on the inside that it seemed no one could fulfill.  "I longed for protection, love, validation, security, and relationship.  Mom did the best she could and I give her an "A" plus.  She tried to be mom and dad, but at best, she is the best mom.  I looked to my brother- he protected me from bullies and fights, but he and I had a sibling rivalry that stopped just short of Cain and Abel.  I looked to my uncles, they were great, but did not understand. I looked to teachers, they taught.  Then after being the most popular in my High School, winning a state wide essay contest, and being the first male in my family line to get accepted into college, I sat on the edge of my bed, pain killers in hand, and took seven out of nine of them. Mom came in, put her head between her knees and called upon the name of Jesus.  The pills came up and I went to church the next day- woozy and dizzy, but I went. The Gospel answered the longing.  Somehow, I just knew that if I gave my heart to Christ, things would change. I had a thirst to know, and I knew if I didn't commit to him, I would be looking  in from the outside and I wanted in.  I gave my heart to Christ within  a couple weeks and, in three weeks, was baptised in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance. I prayed, prophesied, and praised God for about an hour and a half. My pastor shouted, his wife rejoiced. The bible class teacher could barely speak. It was a train wreck (in a good way)! My pastor was old school holiness so to speak. He did not play when it came to the things of God. I needed a dad and he was it. He taught me to work, and not be lazy; he taught me how to love a wife and provide; how to raise children in love; and how to be stone faced about your faith.  God manifested my call to ministry three months after I was in the church and I have been preaching ever since. I took my pastor in as my father.  Little did I know some of the tests that I would face. His wife warned me to be faithful to God. Keep my heart pure and not to let strife ever rule in my heart. She mentored my prophetic gifts and taught me to pray. Although, I longed for the comfort of male role models, I still always got along very well with females. My mom had six sisters, my great aunt was my nanny.  I was raised by my mom, so I have always been comfortable around ladies and have always respected them. Even when my immaturities and stupid decisions showed otherwise.  I could never set out with a motive to hurt anyone, especially a woman.

One of my greatest tests was when I met  Trish, who is now my  wonderful wife of over 19 years and the mother of my five beautiful children.  I met her at bible study, with no intent to court her or anyone for that matter. I had been celibate for more than five years, not practicing masturbation or any of that.  I focused on bible study, church, and became quite obsessed with ministry. I was a grounds keeper at an apartment complex, radio announcer, delivery man for a restaurant, I had my own Christian store and I worked diligently in church.  I did home missions, taught bible school classes, preached, evangelized, was the van minister, and lead praise services constantly.  I also did prison ministry as well as campus missions.  I taught a total of 69 college students before I was 23 years old. I came into the church fully when I was 18.  When I met Trish, she and I became great friends, she never came on to me or threw herself at me, she was just a friend. I respected that and still do to this day. We were friends for right at a year.  I remember asking her that if I asked her to marry me would she say yes.  She smiled and said, " yes!", I talked to my mom, I talked to her parents and got their blessing and permission and then went to my pastor- I think that is how it went- and I said, pastor this is the woman I love and want to marry, and I want your blessing- he gave it.  But I was not totally honest with him. He had no idea, or anyone else for that matter, that I would be married in two weeks!  It was on!  Some thought we were rushing for all kinds of reasons, pastor was in the awkward position of counseling us in a short span of time, people that knew me did not know Trish and it was on!...

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