And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.   
-John 21:25

Below you will find a list of just some of the ministries that Dr. Hoffman has blessed, and continues to bless, the world with.  You may click on any of the images or links to learn more about each ministry.

Partner with Dr. Hoffman Today and Touch Lives All Over the World!


Dr. Hoffman's Life Class

Dr. Hoffman's Life Class is designed for everyone, whether you're a stay at home parent or the head of a multi-national corporation.  Dr. Hoffman, along with his ministry staff, have taken the time to develop simple, yet challenging, biblically based lessons that will provoke life improvement and the change you so desire.  Each course can be taken in about 10-30 minutes but, will leave you meditating on these thought provoking lessons for a lifetime.  So, if you want to grow deeper in the Word of God and better and better in life, Dr Hoffman's Life class is the open door that you have been praying for.


Founded in 1996 by Drs. Ludie and Latricia Hoffman, FOFMI is a Bible Based local assembly with a vision to positively impact the world for Christ. As the Hoffmanswe prepare for our future building projects to house the growing body of believers God has sent to us, we endeavor to teach and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ with simplicity and conviction. One of the true marks of Friends of Faith Church is wisdom from God. We watch daily as countless souls are saved, encouraged and motivated toward God's will for their lives as we prayerfully and humbly depend on Him.


Friends of Faith Ministries International Missions

At Friends of Faith Ministries International Missions we've been reaching out to others for nearly two decades with preaching, teaching, feeding, clothing, housing and so much more.

Life has its peeks and valleys but God's Love remains solid...We have found that there are many who truly believe in the power of the gospel to change lives for the better but have no real way to do any lasting good! We are partnering with those who are reaching the world in order to do the same...


Interfaith University

Interfaith University (I.U.) is an interdenominational, non-denominational Bible college made up of several interlocking schools that focus on various aspects of Christianity and life.

Interfaith University offers a full slate of courses as well as credentials ranging from diploma to doctorate levels. We also hold free to student public graduations which allow students to invite family and friends to see them march. If you are interested in a graduation ceremony near you, please inquire through your Advisor.  We also offer private graduation ceremonies at local churches or other public facilities. (There is a minimal fee for the private ceremonies.)


Interfaith Academy

Interfaith Academy Online and Distance Learning is designed especially for those of us with fast pace lives, and have need to access quality educational resources. Here are just a few of the goals of Interfaith Academy Online and Distance Learning:

(1) to be your one-stop educational resource center whether for home education, distance learning,or refreshing your skills as an adult (2) to provide quality educational materials, and (3) to offer these resources at a price that is affordable for you and your family.


WVIU Web Radio

WVIU aims to make a sound from Heaven as of a rushing mighty wind that fills houses, businesses, ministries, and all people; that will keep all minds stayed on Christ.

It features sounds that match the styles of John Pee Kee,  Mississippi Mass Choir, Shirley Cesar, Luther Barnes and Kurt Carr Singers, Kirk Franklin , Canton Spirituals and more.  We currently feature new and upcoming artists that have a sincere desire to worship God through their music ministry.


Humanity Magazine

Humanity Magazine is a publication that is dedicated to helping the homeless find their place in life by providing understanding, resources, and education.  It works hard in these three areas to make a difference while, at the same time, highlighting great organizations that provide these services and greater significance than the publication itself can.


The Mikki High Bully No More! Project┬« is a non-profit service organization that is creating awareness about the seriousness of bullying, its harmful effects, and possible solutions to stop this widespread epidemic among school-aged children and teens.  The organization is instrumental in reaching youth, their parents and families, teachers, and other concerned community leaders with the message of sharing hope and love to so many that have been affected by bullying-related issues.  It strives to educate audiences in school, church, and community settings.

The H.O.U.S.E

At the H.O.U.S.E, we use various means to educate the public about the condition of the homeless, as well as educating the homeless as to how to rise above their situation.


Partner with Dr. Hoffman and Touch Lives All Over the World!